Christophorusgemeinde Zorneding: This site invites the members of the Christophorus-Church to the upcoming Christian Services and other activities. The calendars are written in Javascript and can be easily updated by the secretary. The site also provides additional information about religious topics.

Good Vibrations, Simbach/Inn und Passau: Good Vibrations is small retailer with two shops in Simbach and Passau.They only have a small budget for any kind of advertisement and even less time to spent on internet activities. The site draws the attention of young vistors to the famous trade marks on offer, such as Buffalo and Pash. The online game invites visitors to come back.

Freizeitland Coridola: This virtual entertainment park offers ideas how to spend the leisure time in a way that all the members of the family will enjoy.There are topics for birthday parties, games to play during long travels and many more items. Unfortunately it is all in German, but if you care to take a look at it, you will get a fine overview of what is possible to realize in HTML, Javascript and Perl.


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